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Our mission is to provide delicious, homemade BBQ while being conscious of our impact on the environment and supporting our community.

SMOK’ED is a family owned restaurant. Our team is 2/3 Swiss, 1/3 American and a pinch of European.

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We use quality ingredients and source them from regional suppliers as much as possible to lessen our carbon footprint.

We prepare our food fresh every day, so some products are not always available at closing time. We thank you for your understanding and for helping us reduce our food waste.

We’ve carefully selected our suppliers and partners, to support fair trade and a responsible supply chain that is beneficial for the community and the environment.

100% - LOVE Our Values - Our Style

Where Sustainability Meets Flavor

From upcycled materials to locally sourced ingredients, we’ve been on a journey to minimize our carbon footprint and plastic waste.

As a family business with a heart for our planet, we’re committed to prioritizing values.

Here are some highlights of our sustainability efforts:

Upcycling: Repurposed wood from an old farm for our floor, bar, and outdoor tables.

Secondhand Furniture: Handmade or bought secondhand whenever possible.

Local Ingredients: We choose locally sourced ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint and avoid air freight.

Swiss Meats: Trusting in Swiss standards of animal treatment and reducing travel distance of our ingredients.

Artisanal Products: Prioritizing artisanal productions.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Cellulose sous-vide bags instead of plastic, no plastic straws, no plastic boxes for take-away.

Homemade Everything: Everything made from scratch to reduce plastic waste and unwanted additives.

Minimal Food Waste: Carefully developed processes to minimize food waste.

Responsible Partners: Selecting partners and suppliers aligned with our values for a responsible supply chain.

Values Over Profits: As a family business, we prioritize the well-being of our customers, employees, and Mother Earth.

Homemade Beverages: Homemade iced tea and lemonade to reduce plastic bottle use.

Veggie Options: Offering vegetarian and vegan choices.

Eco-Friendly Gifts: E-gift cards.

Local Art & Products: Showcasing local artists and products to support our community.


SMOK'ED CONCEPT - Upcycling Tradition


We’ve studied and perfected the traditional methods of the BBQ masters across the United States (specifically St. Louis, South Carolina, and Texas BBQ) to bring you the best from each region.

Real American BBQ requires time, patience, know-how, and experience. Our chefs have spent many moons testing these recipes and experimenting with the choice of wood, spice rub, sauce, and of course smoke time, to deliver the best plate to you. But even with years of experience, our team will never rest in its quest for perfection.

That’s why SMOK’ED isn’t a fast-food; but you could call us casual food.

Come as you are, enjoy the vibe. And even though we try to serve you fast, know that your food was cooked slow.


SMOK’ED was created and redesigned according to the philosophy of “Upcycling” – that is with 100% recycled/reused materials. 

All of the wood that was used to transform SMOK’ED into how it looks now, was repurposed from the demolition of an old farm in the canton of Vaud. The furniture is either handmade or came from independent antique dealers.

SMOK'ED Up-Cycling


Do you want the full American BBQ experience at the location of your choosing? We can bring it! Our professional staff will take care of everything and impress your guests with delicious hot homemade BBQ. If you would like to inquire please complete this quick form or give us a call at +41 22 310 03 53.

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If you would like to reserve please complete this quick form or give us a call at +41 22 310 03 53. Groups of 10 people or more will be contacted with available menu options.

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